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US Supreme Court allows Trump's restriction on transgender troops in military to go into effect

US Supreme Court allows Trump
The LGBTQ+ community have been dealt a huge blow as the Supreme Court of the United States, SCOTUS, on Tuesday, allowed President Donald Trump's transgender military ban to go into effect.

Trump caused an uproar in July 2017 when he announced via Twitter a sweeping ban on transgender people’s military service. He cited the “tremendous medical costs and disruption” as a reason for his decision.

Even as the legal battle continues in lower courts, the Supreme Court justices allowed the ban to go into effect. The Justices lifted nationwide injunctions that had kept Trump's transgender military ban from being implemented. It also reversed an Obama administration rule that would have allowed transgender men and women to serve openly and receive funding for sex-reassignment surgery.
This means that those who identify with a gender different from the one assigned at birth and who are seeking to transition are barred from joining the military.

US Supreme Court allows Trump

The court’s five conservative justices — Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito Jr., Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh — allowed the restrictions to go into effect while the court decides whether to consider the merits of the case.
Air Force Lt. Col. Carla Gleason, a Pentagon spokeswoman, while reacting to the transgender military ban, said: "As always, we treat all transgender persons with respect and dignity."
She added that the Defense Department’s "proposed policy is NOT a ban on service by transgender persons. It is critical that DoD be permitted to implement personnel policies that it determines are necessary to ensure the most lethal and combat effective fighting force in the world. DoD’s proposed policy is based on professional military judgment and will ensure that the U.S. Armed Forces remain the most lethal and combat effective fighting force in the world."

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