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Generals Die Inside by Ezema Osinachi

About Ezema Osinachi 

OSINACHI is the son of David,
the grandson of Ojobo and
the great grandson of Ezema----- king of the spirits.
He is to many a leader, a thinker,
A writer-fighter and, well you must say
While those are where he has proven
His capability, what he is or has chosen to be
Is better left to the course of revelation.
For those who have seen him a leader
Would be very vehement in declaring his not
Toeing the part of politics a misplaced potential.
And except that you have not dinned with him
In matters of the mind and letters
Would you not mourn the loss of an intellectual,
If he dares choose the job of politicians---- politics.

But you will loose no marks if you think him a revolutionary.
For though a politician or a scholar,
You will always find him an uncommon and distinct spirit;
Perhaps, and truly, the king of the spirits.
For, how else does one define a revolutionary,
When in one man there is the reeking of the aroma of
Frantz Fanon, Kwame Nkrumah, Malcom X, King Jr, Sankara
             And IROBI?
        His collection of plays:
     The Burial of Ezeomeke,
   There was a Dream,
  If We Must Die,
And Abunde (a play on insurgency)
(All unpublished though)

Are heavy postcolonial testaments
Of the vision, progress, and aspirations
Of the African quest for light and liberty
In the face of the lingering
And metamorphosising imperialism.
Like his mind, his works are blueprints
Of struggle, of revolution and triumph
Which he has come to lead.


(For contacts, email Ezema at [email protected]
Or [email protected] 08144026799, Facebook @ OSINACHI OSINACHI)



  1. It is a picture painted with letters, words and sentences mixed in a platter of wisdom to reveal the past. Its a masterpiece. It is GENERALS DIE INSIDE

  2. Talking of Osinachi,
    His doggedness, his intellectuals, ho enthusiasm and his versatility in the field of life and profession has always been one of driving affinity that has always kept him one of my mentors and role model.
    And above all, he us an aspiration and inspiration .

  3. A laudable tribute to the vividly shocking horrors of the Nigerian civil war, Osinachi paints a picture devoid of embellishments of this historical phenomenon.


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