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Buharists Negative Energy on Atiku: A Compendium of Absurdities

Buharists Negative Energy on Atiku: A Compendium of Absurdities

Some people are such cretinous idiots, that despite a bright pointer to their deadness to critical thinking, they would try to pontificate on such issues where they shoot themselves on the foot.

2015 elections thought me certain lessons. During the electioneering period, I saw how Buharists insulted Jonathan. They bright a goat and put "my name is Jonathan". They called all his supporters corrupt. They called anyone who wasn't ready to go with their " Sai Chanji" unprintable names. I won't forget, Atiku Abubakar was a Buharist too

Now, same Atiku Abubakar is now an opposition candidate to Buhari. At least, he's more educated and cosmopolitan, with a clear agenda - restructuring and wealth creation. He has demonstrated this in his private business and lots of stuff. Make no mistake, he's still part of the old guard in Nigeria's elite circle. Comparatively, he's better than that antiquated scaremongering bigot, who in military and civilian times presided over recessions, economic depredation, and government dereliction, among other things

But today Sai Barbarians will begin their double speak and grotesque mendacities on how one should respect his elders, whenever you point out Buhari's blunders, at the same time Calling Waziri a thief. What a compendium of absurdities.

I am just a spectator.

By Nnaji Daniel

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