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Cardi B Allegedly Ordered Attack On TWO Strip Club Employees!

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As we reported, rumors began circulating around the Internet thatCardi B got into a fight with Offset‘s reported stripper side chick at Angels Strip Club in New York City on August 29.
According to TMZ on Friday, theBodak Yellow rapper allegedly ordered a beatdown on TWO employees, who are bartenders and NOT dancers!
Before the alleged attack in question, Jade — one of the bartenders — says Cardi was threatening her for months because the musician believes she slept with her husband/baby daddy. (Jade denies.)
In June, Jade says she and her sister Baddie Gi came face-to-face with Cardi at an Atlanta hotel, where Cardi accused Jade yet again of having sex with her man, and threatened the two with physical violence.
On August 15, after getting a warning that Cardi was targeting her for a beatdown, Jade says five people associated with the rapper grabbed her hair, punched her face, and attacked her with an ashtray. The alleged brawl caused Jade serious harm.
On August 29, Jade and Baddie Gi say Cardi’s posse attacked both of them with bottles and chairs.
Although they initially said the performer never laid a hand on them, they later claimed she threw at least one bottle. Cardi also allegedly yelled:
“I’m blood I’ll fuck you bitches up!”
The alleged victims have hired attorney Joe Tacopina, who says the two women are going to file a police report where Cardi will be named. Additionally, they are thinking about filing a lawsuit against the musician and her team.
A source close to Cardi says the rapper did not get physical that night.
[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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