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Abia, Ikpeazu and Second Term: A Dissenting Opinion

Ikpeazu is ineffective and as disastrous as the rampaging pride of vicious men at the federal level.  His responsibility is failure, and his stint at governorship since 2015 is a well calculated disaster and plague upon Abia people by Vile and dishonourable men who masquerade as Abia King makers - The house of the Grand Governor.

Anyway, what does one expect? The inauguration of his administration was riddled with contradictions of him, being a poster boy for the old guard - holding the reins in pretense, and answerable to a limited circle of sinister individuals who feel that they own the state.

This administration of his, has failed in up to date payment of salaries, provision of infrastructure, provision of security and public sanitation - basic responsibilities of a government.

Abia state has become derelict, even by so called "Nigerian standards" in nearly every sector of the economy except for the employment and dismissal of innumerable council of aides Christened SAs, PAs, SSAs. These horde of clownish individuals like the army of their federal boss, go about laundering a stinking image without knowing that their boss has body odour, hence constituting nuisance to the public. These horde indeed are SA (Seta Akpa) PA (Pata Akpa) and SSA (Soro Seta Akpa). They glory in ignonimity, and that's why they aren't ashamed of gunning for a second term

The reality of history remains the non permanence of realities, and every organization including criminal syndicates, no matter how tightly knead will collapse upon the maturity of necessary conditions.

I won't urge you supporters to stop, but continue with the falsehood, salacious vituperations, and grotesque mendacities. The consequences of this ostensible failure will reach these vile campaigners one day. Its a small world with increasing network, and surely, your turn for this anguish will resonate beyond your fickle imaginations.

Abia state remains backward till this day, and unfortunately, most of its citizens, instead of hitting out on their leaders and keep them on toes would rather taunt people of other ethnic nationalities on how they developed Lagos and Kano. Ambassadors of Stupidity, and ministers of FABU.

I am Tigerwest Al Khalifa
The Brother Leader

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