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Unblocking Instagram: How to Access IG with a VPN

While social media is connecting the world, turning it into a true global village, some bodies (work, schools and even countries) are putting an intentional damper on such intents. One of the platforms affected to a large extent is Instagram, a photo sharing app that has been made inaccessible in certain organizations and geographical locations.
Don’t let censorship stop you from connecting with one of the fastest-growing global online communities. Here’s a tried and tested way to gain access to Instagram from where it’s banned.

Why censor Instagram?
In the case of China, after the series of political protests that rocked Hong Kong in 2014, the Chinese government decided to place the photo-sharing platform under what’s now known as ‘the Great Firewall of China’. Hugely political in its intent, Instagram is banned due to the fear that mainlanders might be inspired by activists in Hong Kong. With Instagram banned in China, it is almost impossible to enjoy the platform within the country’s boarders. Or is it?

The simplest way to bypass censorship
While there are several ways you can go through to access the service, none is as easy, straightforward and reliable as using a VPN.
When you unblock Instagram with a VPN, what you are doing is communicating to the server that you are checking into the app from a location that is not subjected to censorship.  A VPN an elegant and simple tool to bypass geo-blocks and firewalls, but how do you know if your VPN provider is reliable?

How to Use ExpressVPN To Unblock Instagram
Getting onto Instagram using the Express VPN service is as easy as following four steps.
Creating an account – Go to the official ExpressVPN website to create an account that is to be personally identifiable with you and keep your data even more secure
Get the app – So that you can always use the VPN service on the go, you should then proceed to downloading the app on your mobile device
Connect – When you feel like going on Instagram, connect your ExpressVPN app to a server in a country where Instagram is available. That will change your IP to one from such a country and grant you access!
It doesn’t get easier than that.

What makes ExpressVPN better is not that it allows you change your country alone, but the fact that it allows you change it to a variety of 94 countries. In these countries, you also get to choose from up to 148 available locations. All 2000+ servers at these nodes provide blazing fast internet service.
One of the biggest concerns when choosing a VPN service is usually trust. ExpressVPN is a reliable social media unblocking tool in China, according to their users’ verdict. With a solid portfolio and amazing service, we would be connected to Instagram and more right now if we were you.

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