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Is Mr CBN of Brytography company in love? (watch video)

It's not exactly clear what is going on between the ace film maker, Mr CBN and the most decorated student OAP, Gloria Ugwuoke. But, from the look of things, something fishy has been going on. They've been spotted together,  hand-in-hand in different locations, doesn't seem like business meetings.

This morning Mr CBN who had always referred to her as his Manager posted a lovely poem and short video of him and auntie Gloria on his facebook page.
He has been referring to her as “My manager” As if that wasn't enough he took to his Instagram handle this morning with a post referring to Gloxxi as 'My best friend'.
Is Mr CBN finally in love or is it just one of his social media stunts?

Let's keep watching,  but meanwhile happy birthday to Ugwuoke Gloria Chidimma... Follow her on @gloriaaugwuoke



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