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APC Twitter account hacker has changed from Justin Sun to John McAfee

The official APC Twitter account @APCNigeria got hacked yesterday.
As at the time this happened, one Justin Sun claimed responsibility for the hack and threatened to expose the Nigerian Presidency if he wasn’t paid $100,000 to shut up about how APC’s Twitter handle became his personal possession.
APC Twitter account hacker Justin Sun John McAfee lailasnews

As you read this, every tweet by Justin Sun, his name and picture have been deleted from the APC Twitter account
One John McAfee has taken over and retweeted tweets from the original John MCAfee Twitter account with a promise that he is giving away bitcoins to the Nigerian community.
apc twitter account hacked john mcafee hacker lailasnews
John McAfee’s latest tweet reads:
I’m giving 1,000 #BTC and 5,000 #ETH to сommunity!
Gеt BTC –
Gеt ETH –
You must use the chance that gives you life, leave the bitcoins received from me, save them for several years, and you will be fabulously rich!
Reno Omokri has reacted to the APC Twitter account hack drama and mocked the hell out of the ruling party who wants to return to power come 2019 elections.
Reno Omokri wrote on his Twitter page:
A week after I exposed the surreptitious moves by the APC to win my support using their @APCNigeria handle, the embarrassed party denied the handle and have now sold it. They can’t manage a Twitter handle, they want to manage Nigeria. Talk of cluelessness’.
apc twitter account hack reno omokri lailasnews
The verified Twitter account of Nigeria’s ruling party APC @APCNigeria with over 700,000 followers was hacked yesterday and for a while was run by a guy named Justin Sun who claimed the president of Nigeria sold it to him.
Justin Sun had tweeted:
‘The President of Nigeria sold me this even record, for 2k$, he said that he lacks money, and I agreed to buy his account with 700k followers, a good deal.
It’s amazing, the president asked me to buy other accounts, I’m going to buy them. I’ll ask him if he can sell me Nigeria itself?’
Read below tweets by the APC Twitter account hacker Justin Sun, threatening to expose Nigerian Presidency. He never mentioned President Buharis name.
The Tweet posted at 7.52pm on Saturday, April 14, 2018, read:
 “If the president of Nigeria does not pay me $100K, I’ll post all the correspondence here, and the whole world will see it.”
apc twitter account hacked justin sun threats lailasnews
According to the information available on Mr Justin Sun’s original and also verified Twitter handle, he is the founder of Tron Foundation and he is one of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs and the First Millennial Graduate of Hupan University Founded By Jack Ma of the Alibaba Group.
Justin Sun resides in San Francisco, state of California, USA.
It is obvious whoever the true APC Twitter account hacker is, he is impersonating notable people to fool everyone about his true identity.
apc twitter account hacked john mcafee hacker lailasnews

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