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The use of Blogging and Social media strategies to combat Inequality.

The use of Blogging and Social media strategies to combat Inequality.

By Gloria Ugwuoke. 

According to the UN, "gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world."[23]Providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large. 

 The United nations in the year 2016 produced a framework for development called the Sustainable development goals. About 17 Of them. This write up discusses the role of blogs and social media in the struggle for equality, for fair treatment of all and rising above the background of life. Inequality is seen in different ways across cultures, economies and societies of the world (like different assignment of gender roles in different societies)Bloggers and social media strategists can lend a hand to blur the line of inequalities in the following ways:

 1. Information: Blogs /social media share a wide range of experiences about inequalities to enlighten people. The society today relies more on information spread through online platforms. (using the internet)

2. The use of color for emphasis:  A lot of Creativity is involved in the creation and development of posts. The presentation of ideas can easily draw your attention to it. Bloggers create awareness using graphics to portray the essence of equality. A typical example of the use of color is found in 'purple's colour initiatives. Pink represents the female and blue represents the male. Mixed together, it becomes purple. Telling the public that we are one, irrespective of gender. Creation of awareness is the first step towards change. If no attention is drawn to the an issue, actions cannot be taken no matter how sensitive the subject.

3.The visible proof and truth about success:
Many times, blogs have posts about myths or recent discoveries that help people rethink their beliefs about life. Misconceptions like women in politics are proud and men who cry are weak is corrected by factual evidences. China as a country can produce very high quality products, but marketers most times are more interested in the profit than quality. Not all Jamaicans dress roughly. Not all Africans want your money Not all Are criminals. There are numerous stereotypes that have been corrected over the years through the use of social media and of course, blogs . People can now have female role models as well as mentors and still do so well in their field of endeavor.

4. Attention to imminent dangers: Bloggers draw people's attention to any incident of inequalities especially when it involves two or more people. Using hashtags on social media platforms makes the information go viral in a matter of hours. Most times, the victims get help and the world get to know about what had happened, who it happened to and solutions to it, incase one finds himself in a similar ordeal. Questions on cultural imperialism can be addressed by use of social media. To portray lifestyles and make  everyone know that uniqueness is normal. It is fun to be different and we should not be left out in opportunities because of the part we choose

5. Harvest of Opinions : The comment sections online when used effectively is a huge source of feedback. From it you can know what people think, get an idea of what is trending. This would help people to structure your response to the situation accordingly.

 6. Bringing the concept before you : After reading a post about inequality for the first time, you can only wish to avoid it or become more careful. However, when you see hundreds of quotes and posts on the same subject, you will be forced to pause and think about it. This is because the social media may not give you what to think, but it can surely inform your thoughts and give you things to think about. This is called the agenda setting theory . The target audience this time around is everyone. Young and old.

7. Subliminal Perception : This occurs when what you see create a significant impact on your behavior without conscious awareness. It means that the stimulus may be too weak to be perceived, yet a person is influenced by it. For example, while reading an interesting story in a blog, words like 'no inequality' can be flashed on the top right corner of your phone. Now, your reading was not entirely interrupted but somehow, you are aware of it and whenever you get the chance, you will uphold equality, unknowingly. Most social media publicity has this effect

8.   Self and environmental awareness: Before the media made the concept of inequality popular, It was a mere fairytale event hough it was happening under our noses. Blogging plays a major role in letting the public understand that some things are just not right. That awareness of self is what will make you treat a Nigerian like a normal person because you know better. Social media gives us insight into other ways to live and still be happy. Incase of mobilization, you need that first hand information to be able to take actions and yes! Blogs provide room for that. The social media has the ability to promote interests that bother on inequality and certain behaviors that enhance it. Dictatorial policies can be challenged by the use of social media campaigns. Security measures can also be spread. Example, the #endSARS trends on Twitter.

9. Clarity: Before now, did you know the various ways inequalities exist? Did you know how much goodness you can add to the world using your Facebook page? Is it not just about the Feminist angle (I know some may think that is the only case of inequality ) which is one out of many. Bloggers bring information home to let everyone know that that treating a Christian better than a Muslim is wrong. Majority of religious practices existed long before your birth, so who are we to judge others? The style of writing in blogs is very conversational and unambiguous. With that, you can quickly grasp it major ideas on inequalities quicker than reading a journal of international studies.

10. Smooth and quick spread of information: The use of blogs and social media platforms breaks distance barrier between countries. Many people have access to the internet and can understand English language. This makes for easier pass of information across cultures. Reaching out to people is the first thing, then introducing the idea to them, pointing out what can be done then invite them to embrace positivity. Understanding is key here. In the absence of an effective approach like blogs, this will take years. Social media has made the world smaller and one can now get information about equal rights and opportunities for all. Having read about how blogging can help eradicate inequalities, in what other ways do you think you can help in this liberal movement? Let me know in the comment section. Remember we talked about a quick spread of information, now, share this post with others as a contribution to promote this concept of 'equality' . Together, we can treat everyone equally irrespective of race, gender, culture, religion or origin. Thereby, eliminating 'inequalities' from the surface of the earth.


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