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The Awknd Scribe first came to the attention of few people in the university community when he released his controversial song, Table Talk. As is obvious, the song was a virtual table talk with someone. Who? you ask. The someone was Buhari the Nigerian president. I wonder what would have happened if SARS had caught wind of it, and that was even at the beginning of APC's woeful career. For good measure, the artwork for the song featured the artiste in a hood, at table with our president of change, and then there was a little skit at the end of the song. Though the song wasn't so sharp content-wise, we still got a whiff of his dislike for the administration.

 Forward through unnoticed singles and the song Everybody Listen (which sadly everybody didn't listen to, but it still managed to win him a Top Naija Music Award). In November last year, the artiste started talking about a mixtape he had been working on since the beginning of last year, his debut mixtape. Then he dropped a single from it. Bomb! The song was Elementary Innocence, an almost cinematic rendering of his primary school ‘aruala', and then sexual abuse in the hands of a housemaid. Scribe's storytelling abilities was first peeked in Everybody Listen but in Elementary Innocence, it was finesse. Elementary Innocence was dope. Elementary Innocence was relatable (52% of Nigerians have suffered sexual abuse from housemaids). Elementary Innocence was dropped on 24th November 2017.

 Now, The Awknd Scribe has revealed details of his mixtape and it makes me excited. Shit looks promising. The mixtape title turns out to be Sugar Rushing to My Head (I'm still chewing on this title. LOL). It contains nine tracks. Features no rapper but features some good singers. The project drops on 23rd February. I'm anticipating this work, and you should too.

PS: If you've been wondering about his stage name, it's pronounced Awakened not Awkward. Some eople are actually blind to the ‘n' in the Awknd and it's funny.

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