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  It is a taboo for a girl(woman) to propose to a guy(man) in our country, A marriage proposal is an event where one person in a relationship ask for the other's hand in marriage and that one person is the man and not the the girl, if accepted it marks the mutual promise of later marriage which has a ritual quality.
  In western culture, it is a tradition for a man to make proposal to a woman directly while GENUFLECTING infront of her and it involves the formal asking of question "WILL U MARRY ME" and the presentation of an engagement ring it may include putting it in her finger although potential couples discuss their willingness to marry for a significant amount of time before a proposed time,acceptance of proposal in western culture is not compulsory, A woman may decline a proposal for a various reason and may not be declare what the reasons are,
  In Scotland and Ireland a woman can propose to her partner,Finland has the same culture but that is not our culture in Nigeria, in united states 5% of proposal are made by women and Younger people are less likely to approve the women proposal, in many culture it is not the right of a woman to propose to a man.

  In Nigeria it not a tradition for a woman to propose to a man instead the man is the best position to do ,All the tribes in our country has custom and traditions,in Igbo land it is a taboo because a woman cannot never pay the groom price instead the man pay the bride prize and is his duty why changing our culture to something else and bringing shame to our country, when it comes to a relationship and marriage, African women has been unconsciously trained to believe that the man should take the lead,but son countries believe some ladies stay unmarried longer than necessary because their suppose spouse has not made the move to take the relationship a notch higher,In Nigeria,like most other country it a taboo for a woman to ask for a man hand in marriage ,it is embarrassing and it make you look desperate,the men are in the best position to do than and not the women because the bride price will be paid by then a woman can not do that it an insult to them for a woman to propose to them,please women should stop taking such steps it is embarrassing to men and it brings shame,why dragging our culture to the mould, proposing to him is not the right step instead push him to propose to you,some women may take the step because of some following reason which includes:

  • they think men appreciate women who can go extra mile for their man
  •  working with the word woman can do it better
  • thinking that time isn't in their side
  • thinking that other women want their man

   All these matters but not in this aspect, because all these reasons are nothing concerning to these act,women stop parading around with rings looking for who to engage, if don't see who to engage you then put the ring in your finger by your self and stop parading around bringing shame to your fellow women, please let maintain our pride and also maintain our culture, we are not in the country were women propose or pay the prize of their husband, we are in Nigeria were we have customs and tradition which says "let the men lead " and this our culture should be maintained.
Written by Mogbo chisom

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