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Reasons why Celebrities hate Paparazzi



Most Celebrities do have hatred for paparazzi and tend to get annoyed easily by mere sighting them because of the way they invade their privacy. From constantly getting in the way when they (stars) are trying to walk down the street to snapping super unflattering pics of them taking out the trash, 'pappers are a total annoyance..’.

Paparazzi also have their job of taking celebrity shots and they make a lot of money from it, for instance some make from $6,000 to $9,000 each picture in the United States.
Some really good ones make up to $75,000, but they’d probably have $20,000 or $30,000 of expenses a year on top of that. In addition, they’d probably spend $30,000 in equipment. They spend a lot on gas and money on tips [people who call you to tip you off to where a celebrity is are oftentimes rewarded with money as a gesture of goodwill]. If their office is Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica, which are awesome but expensive places to hang out because you're spending a lot of money on food and all that kind of stuff. They’d need a really reliable, good car, which is another $30,000.
Most Celebrities are well known for not liking paparazzi. They can be annoying, unrelenting and follow them everywhere and snap the most unflattering photos. However, some celebrities show more hatred toward them than others. Celebrities like Kanye west, justin beiber, Cameron Diaz and Miley cyrus have gotten more violent by smashing cameras and public outbursts. 

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