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Israel bombs Gaza Strip after Palestinian Islamists launched rockets over Trump’s decision

Israeli airstrikes killed two members of Hamas in Gaza in the early hours of Saturday after missiles were fired at Israel by Palestinian Islamists.

The new Palestinian deaths bring the number of fatalities in the past two days to four. The Israeli army shot two Palestinians dead in Gaza on Friday.

The exchange of fire with Gaza is the latest outbreak of violence in the fallout from the decision by the US president, Donald Trump, torecognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Most countries around the world have not recognized Israel’s1967 annexation of East Jerusalem and maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv.

Trump’s decision to break that consensus led to Washington being isolated at the UN security council on Friday. Its representative was forced to field strong criticism, including from five European countries which said US policy was not consistent with past resolutions.
The Guardian reports that thecontinued tensions over Trump’s announcement came as the Palestinian leadership started a series of emergency meetings on Saturday, to decide on the response to US recognition and Trump’s parallel decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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