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Earn more money daily with

Earn more money daily with

Are you in search of a new platform to make money in Nigeria amidst our crumbling economy? If yes then Elot.Ng is your answer.
I’m going to let you in on a powerful tip — one that has helped me and thousands of others escape boring jobs and live a Rich Life:
There’s no limit to how much extra money you can earn on
By making money we mean hitting millions depending on how much you stake. This new system offers greater chance of winning, if you would ask me to rate I’ll give it 80%. There are plenty of ways to make more money — but one of the easiest, most effective ways to begin generating more income is by taking risks and Elot.Ng is the best platform for it.
It’s quite easy to make money with his system and with just few steps you’re all set;

1) Register on the site with a valid bank account details. This is instantly verified from your bank to remove any issue of bank payment during withdrawals. On entering your bank account number on the register page, the system cross checks your details and after verification, you can click on proceed button to complete your registration. After submitting the form,  A link will be sent to your email to activate your account. You cannot perform any operation until you have successfully verified your email address. In case you didn’t receive the verification mail check spam folder.

2) Fund your account in order to play the Easy Cash game. The payment system used is Paystack and funding your account is secured and also makes it easy to process. Simply navigate to ‘Top up’ at the side menu and click on ‘Top up now!’. This opens up the Paystack portal where you can enter your card details and make payment. Once the payment is received, your account is funded instantly!
NOTE: minimum deposit is N500

3) Click on ‘play now’ to open the game console. The game console is intuitive and user friendly. There are basically only 4 options to choose from [1,2,3 and 4] which makes the chances of winning greater. Enter the amount you wish to stake and choose your number(s) depending on how you wish to earn. Let me explain this further:

To make 4x of your stake, select any number between 1 – 4.
To make 2x of your stake, select any two numbers between 1 – 4.
To make 33% of your stake, select any three numbers between 1 – 4.
Click on ‘book ticket’ and your staked amount is deducted from your account and ticket booked.

4) Wait till the game is drawn by 2pm. When the game is drawn, a number from 1-4 is randomly selected by the system, and winners list is published on the result page of the website. If any of your selected number matches the winning number, you are instantly a winner!
NOTE: minimum withdrawal is N1000

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Please also bear in mind that this system has been properly registered with CAC
 (COPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION) and betting agencies.

Benefits of Elot.NG
With Elot.NG, you stake as much as you want to and win as much as you want to.
You can deposit and withdraw at your own will.
You have greater chance of winning because you have 4 options.
Cancel your ticket in the event you wish to change your options.
You can share funds to friends and loved ones to give them a chance at winning.
The games are drawn daily, no need to wait an extra day on a bet.
Refer your friends and get 5% bonus on their first ticket.

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