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Popular Nollywood Actor -Junior Pope inspires Nigerian youths

   Popular Nollywood actor Pope Obumneme Odonwodo a.k.a Junior pope whose roles in movies motivates Nigerian youths have released statements that would keep Nigerian youths going.
Interview thus:

Q1: what has been your source of inspiration in the Nollywood industry?...  What kept you pushing on without slacking?

 “First and formost my creator who has never left my side. Then The thought to live forever. Even after I must have departed this Earth my name will continue to ring......Like I said the thought of living forever has kept me pushing, also to be a role model for the younger generation to emulate.”

Q2: Any word from you on the get rich quick manner of today's youths?

“Volkswagen Santana was  one of the best cars in the 80's, then the  likes of Lawrence  Anini, osonbor, Iyamu and others went into robbery to acquire this car and the luxury associated with it. They lost their lives, but some of the  men who were patient then, are now enjoying their lives today with their  children . If they knew that this car will mean nothing today,and what ever luxury they desired, they might not have lost their lives.....

   The youths of today shouldn't be carried away with the trend of today, Bentley, Range Rover, G wagon and other cars because certainly tomorrow, it will mean nothing to you and your children.  Just be patient and believe that your tomorrow will be better than contented so that you can have peace of the mind tomorrow -. This is my message to them” (written by I go dye)

Q3: Do you have words of encouragement and inspiration to Nigerian youths facing today's challenges?


 “Patience, when the time is right,You will Celebrate..... Everything good will come. Trust God.”

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