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Order tasty snacks from Rosy Eats n' Treats


 At Rosy Eats n' Treats, we are concerned about the satisfaction of your taste, at easy prices.
  Rosy Eats n' Treats is an enterprise, based in University of Nigeria Nsukka, that's involved in cake making and snacks like meatpies, doughnuts, spring rolls, cupcakes, and many others.

 At Rosy Eats n' Treats, we understand that cakes and snacks are the hallmarks of many a celebration (including matriculations, convocations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, thanksgivings) and thus we aim to please your taste and make your celebrations treatsy with our range of cakes and snacks.

 You have the choice of ordering the following:

Cakes (of all ranges and sizes)
Meatpies (in bulk)
Dougnuts (in bulk)
Spring rolls (in bulk)
Egg rolls (in bulk)
Scones (in bulk)
Cupcakes (in bulk)
Other snacks (in bulk)
Plus event decorations 

To order, Call or Whatsapp 08163848950

Rosy's Eats n' Treats; you can't stop asking for more!

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