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Top 10 world's strongest footballers

World's strongest footballers 

With the developing physical nature of the game, strength is winding up to a greater extent of a necessity in football as every year passes. The strongest players on the pitch can exert a telling impact on a match, either by disturbing the space
creative players need to pull the strings or ushering strikers away out of possession as they hunker down on their territory.

take a look at ten of the world strongest footballers

10. Tim Wiese

There are solid footballers who could break weights machines during a fitness test with their strengths. That is precisely what the German goalkeeper purportedly did soon after retiring from football in 2014, picking up a significant amount of muscle and subsequently switch to a career in professional wrestling, in the long run, Tim joined the WWE in 2016 to break bones.

9. Micha Richard
The former Manchester City right-back is like a tank much compared with Hulk, but also has an inconceivable turn of pace considering his size. With so many abilities to call upon, Richard thumped down opponents much actually. He is solid, intense and a man with a solid cautious defensive position.
While his career has not grown quite as expected, he remains one of the strongest and most grounded players.
8. Cristiano Ronaldo
The Madrid star is an awesome player who refuses to modest far from cautious defensive bullies, and maybe even relishes physical encounters. On the off chance that Ronaldo isn’t getting under his marker’s skin with a couple of skills and leg-over, he’s tormenting them within the standards of the game with his bull-like quality and abilities, rankling pace and smart movement. His boots are the only piece of his body that doesn’t appear to be made of calcium.
7. Romelu Lukaku
The Belgian forward is a Herculean muscle-man most strikers envy. Like Drogba, Lukaku is a mercilessly solid player with the ability to bash his way past premier League defenders freely. He remains a man mountain that overwhelms the scene of the 18-yard box with his consolidated massive physicality with no little amount of strategy.
6. Wes Morgan
Leicester City’s skipper invested a long time in the second level of English football before turning into the hearts of the Foxes’ mind-boggling Premier League success. His endeavors from dead-ball situations outshone his skillful cautious work for the Foxes.
Morgan dependably tussles with a striker and midfielder to steal possession, it’s no big surprise his change to his role for the Foxes caught many off guards. He’s presently regarded by many as truly outstanding in his position on account of his physical ability to keep out skillful and towering strikers while rampaging into opponents territory himself.
5. Yaya Toure
It’s crazy to think the Ivorian spent part of his career at Barcelona operating as a makeshift centre-back, on arriving Premier League Yaya transformed into an all-conquering, dreadful and powerful goalscoring midfielder. opponents spent hours concocting plans to close down one of football strongest and physical players, but by what means would someone be able to exceed expectations in such a significant territory be ignored ?.
4. Victor Wanyama
Going on a 50-50 challenge for the ball with Wanyama is an overwhelming prospect without a doubt. the Kenyan is best depicted as a 6’2″ block wall. He’s something beyond a raging bull, capable to do nothing but simply thumping opponents about; Wanyama has a talent for finding the net from outside the zone, regularly in a fabulous mold.
3. Hulk 
Every football fans could assume the Brazilian forward obtained such an epithet because of his strong build, but its actual origin gets from his similarity to American muscle head and on-screen character Lou Ferrigno, who acted the “Hulk” on the Incredible Hulk TV series in the 1970s.
Hulk is an incredibly solid footballer, especially for one who normally works on the flanks. A brisk, skillful winger with a rocket of a left foot, Hulk absolutely offers something other than what’s expected to the normal wide man it’s a disgrace his muscular solidness and talent go unnoticed by such an extensive portion of football fans.
2. George Elokobi
As far as anyone knows weighing the scales at 90 kilograms of unadulterated muscle is somewhat incredible, in spite of being only 5’9″ tall, Elokobi is the direct opposite of that assumption. He’s without a doubt the most intimidating cheat in football and ought to consider a career in the NFL.
He may be less defensively astute as Chiellini or Ramos but the Cameroonian brags a staggering grounded physique that could earn him a direct ticket as bodybuilding champ, Elokobi claims his strength is simply hereditary and he has never done extra weights in the rec center to accomplish his etched physical make-up.
1. Adebayo Akinfenwa ( The Beast )
Just take a look at that arm and you ask why is he a footballer in the first place, the Nigerian international is broadly known throughout the world because of his beast-like physique and power.
The Wycombe Wanderers forward can bench press 180kg – that’s twice his own bodyweight. Such quality is for all intents and purposes difficult to match in football, which is why he has previously been mistaken for as an NFL player.

Honourable Mentions: Danny Shittu, Mario Balotelli, Christopher Samba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Victor Anichebe, and Giorgio Chiellini

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