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Shocking video of violent road rage attack in busy south-east London street

A fight broke out in the middle of a street in south-east London on Friday when a furious lorry driver walked up to a motorist in his car and attacked him. The video shows the hefty lorry driver repeatedly punching a smaller man through the open window of a car before the man got out and returned the attack.

Both cars can be seen causing a traffic jam as they were parked on the middle of the road at about 7 p.m. The men fought with fists and belts but the belt pulled by the smaller man did not hold off the enraged lorry driver off for long. He resumes hitting the man, throwing him against a metal rail as he threw more punches. 
Traffic remained stalled while both men fought until a man riding a bike intervened. The man with the belt took one last swipe at the lorry driver then dodged when he tried to return the blow. Both men departed eventually to their respective vehicles.
 Metropolitan police said they were called to New Cross Road at about 7:12 p.m. on June 30 but were unable to locate the two drivers, who had fled by the time they arrived.

Below is the video.

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