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The Awknd Scribe, an Excellent Lyricist and Storyteller? (Analysis of the Song, Everybody Listen by Ugwu Chuks)

        You've probably not heard of The Awknd Scribe (yes, there's The in the name. Weird baa?). That's because he's what our dear Nigerians call "upcoming". But despite that term every young artiste detests, if you've not heard of him, then for hell's sake just imagine you have because... well, because life's short
  Everybody Listen is the third single by this artiste and damn, it's a fine piece of
storytelling. I'd like to warn you though, it's a pretty sad story of a girl, so sad that I ended up wanting to shoot someone. So if you don't like sad songs or too-lyrical raps, then just find a seat, repeat ​to yourself, "I am an ass", and just stay the hell away because you are an ass. Otherwise, let's continue.
  The song, backboned by a bouncy rhythm reminiscent of the Golden Hip Hop Age, kicks in with a hook. Here, The Awknd Scribe is essentially shouting, "Everybody listen, life is so bullshit!", the frustration is obvious in his voice, the weight of the story he's carried for so long dragging him down while he remains standing long enough in the song space to spill the first verse where the tortuous burden is being lifted gradually as he spits viciously;
  I know a man that used to f**k his own daughter/ whenever his wife travelled, would call his daughter and f**k her!
 Damn. This introductory lines get the listener's ear. The language is blunt. This guy is not dropping f-bombs in his lines because he feels like, but because he's frustrated. Essentially, The Awknd Scribe, on that first verse is paving the way for the climax in the second verse. Then the hook mercyfully comes in.
  In the second verse, The Awknd Scribe goes straight to the girl's ordeal and how it all began, not in reported speech, but by direct quotation. This technique is genius. I mean, we tend to relate more to a story when we hear it from the horse's mouth than from another source and just exactly, this rapper gives us the horse's mouth on a platter of dense lyricism. The climax (much more like an orgasmic one, except that it gives you lows instead of highs) comes in the middle of the second verse thus:
  "Daddy what you doing, Daddy what you doing"/
He slapped me on my breast and said Baby don't be stupid!/
Then he started pumping his D like bicycle pump into my V, Papa raping his own daughter do you see?
 I've listened to this song more than five times and yet, everytime I get to this part of the song I imperceptibly shudder. It is explosive. If you stay sane long enough to analyze the above quartrain (4 lines), it shows something that makes it effective as the climax. First, there are little or no breath breaks. The barlines or slashes above are just for convenience but in the actual rap, they are virtually non-existent. Secondly, the rhyme scheme is more complex with many internal rhymes thus giving the quartrain a sense of urgency and tension. Thirdly, immediately after this quartrain, there's an obvious breath break serving to isolate the quartrain and accentuate it's tension.
  In the third verse, The Awknd Scribe also does in the first six lines what he did in the climax, but in a reduced way. I have a gut feeling the word, "motherf**king" placed in the fourth line was a pun intended. You still don't get it? That the f**k meant for the mother was now bestowed upon the daughter. Chisos! And well I'm not alone because even the rapper himself screamed Jesus at the end of verse 3. Lol.
  I swear this is a nigerian artiste to watch out for. But for now, Everybody Listen!!

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