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London tower on fire - 6 dead, 20 in critical care

One devastated resident of theGrenfell Tower block told neighbours that a faulty fridge in his flat sparked the blaze.

Witnesses described hearing the distressed man admit that he believed the cause of the fire had originated in his apartment.

The fire in west London engulfed almost the entirety of the 24-storey building, with 74 people in five hospitals around the capital and at least six deaths confirmed by police.

The tower block, built in the 1970s, was recently refurbished at a cost of £8.7m, with work completed in May 2016.
Samira Lamrani, 38, who lives nearby said: "I saw a very small fire to begin with and a gentleman at the bottom gesturing saying his refrigerator had exploded and then the fire spread really rapidly.

"People were appearing at their windows trying to smack them but apparently they are double glazed windows they were not able to break them and there's a safety latch so they weren't able to open them.

Samira, who lives nearby, added: "He was just beside himself. He was just as surprised at how quickly the fire spread as anybody else.

"I could hear him saying that he contacted the emergency services immediately and they reassured him everything would be under control within a short period of time, and obviously it wasn't."

She said she believed the fire had started on the second floor.

Meanwhile the director of the company responsible for the Grenfell Tower refurbishment has admitted he doesn't know what the cladding was made from.

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