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Wizkid's biggest lie in UK interview

Wizkid has lied blatantly, and we are here to call him out.

The Nigerian singer is working on promoting his single ‘Come closer’ around the world. The song features Drake, and has the financial and promotional power of Sony Music Entertainment and RCA Records. Hence the need to properly plug the song into all the promotional channels available to him.

Just as he has done with a few other media houses, Wizkid’s next stop was with DJ Semtex, an English disc jockey and presenter for BBC Radio 1Xtra digital radio station. Where he talks about his music influences, exploding career and emergence and more.
   When asked about the support Nigerians give him, he expressed the love shown to him by the people who export his music proudly during their numerous travels across the world. And in a bid to show that he reciprocates that love, he lied.
Wizkid lied through his teeth, and you can either watch the video above at the 9-minute mark, or read it below.
“Nigerians are everywhere in the world, we are hustlers, so you know the Nigerians definitely love me,” Wizkid starts off his lie, with some truth. “Everywhere they go, they will tell you. Nigerians love me, and I love them too much. I will do anything for my Nigerian people man.
      And here’s where he goes in without shame: “Big shout to my Naija people. I love them too much. That’s why I do a lot back home. Sometimes I do free shows. I just pull up and say ‘Hey, Wizkid, free show.’ Sometimes I charge like a dollar for a show, sometimes I take like N1000, sometimes when I do shows at the Fela shrine, back with Femi (Kuti) and all that.”

Source: Pulse

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