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Nigerian fraudster dupes England woman of £10,000

Nigerian online romance fraudster

Thffe family of a married woman who was duped out of £10,000 by a Nigerian online romance fraudster has cried out to warn the public.
According to the devastated family, the woman even contemplated leaving her husband and children to start a new life in the United States with this
fraudster she had never met before after he pretended his wife had died in childbirth and he had been caught up in an oil rig explosion.
Their affair had been uncovered after the woman’s 41 year old daughter, Jane (not her real name) received a heart breaking call from her father a month ago. He had discovered money transactions to Nigeria totalling £10,000 and suspected his wife of having an affair.
The mother was confronted and it became apparent she had fallen for a make-believe man called ‘David’, in his 50s, with two children, aged nine and 11, who had contacted her over Facebook.
She fell for his sob story – that there had been an explosion on the oil rig and he could not afford the medical bills. He had two children who were cared for by a nanny after the mother tragically died during childbirth.
He messaged the mother through Facebook, which later turned into email exchanges, where Jane says even the made-up children were contacting her.

Jane said ‘David’ promised her mother a new life in America – a move she was willing to make.
She told the Nottingham Post:
“He was calling my mum ‘wife’ and he was going to take her to New York, even the children were emailing her. I think her and my dad had drifted apart.
“My dad works nights and rather than talking about their problems it escalated, and she felt lonely.”
“The thought that someone has tried to take my mum away and that she was so brain washed,” she said. “She was going to book a flight to Tenerife to meet this guy, which is not my mum at all. She would not normally do that.”
At first, Jane’s mum would not believe that this man was false despite her depositing money into a Nigerian account and the man claiming to be American.
But with the help of Nottinghamshire Police, she is coming to terms with what she has done and her husband and children are sticking by her.
Jane continued:
“It is difficult to trust my mum again – the effect that it has had on mum and dad who have been together for 40 years. It was always a relationship I looked up to.
“I also can’t believe they did this to my mum. She is a very kind and caring person and would give her last penny to help someone.”
Jane asked for her mum’s identity to remain anonymous as they want to tell her story so that other Nottingham people do not fall victim to this ruthless and manipulative con.

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