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Must read: All about Life

You've got the permission to give this work of mine any title of your Choice regarding it's related to Life...  It's highly Acceptable

I've really gone down to even as deep as the sea to have a full knowledge about Life both in its concept, theory, background and other parameters that can be  used to explain it  and it's quite disheartening that I'm yet to be satisfied by my Findings.

I could vividly remember when someone told me that in no certain condition, the known Life has its root from the unknown Life. I was confused about this saying if truth is to be told and it made me embarked on a project about life though I'm yet to complete it.

Sorry to interrupt   this concise work of mine with some traditional rhetorical questions below..

When life and death is placed on the line, what do the winners do that the losers don’t?

Who are those that survives life threatening situations?

Is life playing the unfair role to some persons?

Life which covers both the good and the bad part is as old as history itself and mistakes are part and parcel of Life. Mistakes in my own view shares one characteristic with death and that is it's inevitability.

We all make mistakes but It’s still in us  to want to blast a person over a mistake and lifting ourselves of the guilt of our own mistakes. We've got what is called an ignored mistake,  that is you being aware you're  wrong somewhere but instead of taking corrections, you prefer to act like nothing happened. Ignorance as they say is a deadly disease. And this strategy doesn't work for learning how to continue after making certain mistakes.

Someone once asked me if mistakes were natural in life during my findings for a particular Course. If I must be honest, I was gripped with fear to answer that question, because if I were to say  what was in my mind, I may have  gotten criticized in a harsh manner so I tried to answer him by saying "No one is perfect that in fact life would be unbearable if everyone was perfect". So I left him with an opportunity to choice for himself.

In this work,  I think I'll be very free to say that mistake are natural in Life  without dodging any critics from my readers. Mistakes are naturally part of life and until this knowledge is imbibed in us, we will spend so much time on  denying their existence, covering them up and pretending they are not a part of our lives instead of looking for corrective measures to take. Making a mistake is not the worst thing you  can do in your life, to the contrary the worst thing you can do is to deny, mask or attempt to bury that  mistake.

Life can be a constant struggle and to cope with, preparedness of self is more valuable. When I'm always expecting the best and life is just being  totally screwed up to me brings me into some definitive decisions like  giving up, being sad etc.
In fact, life has  random events that pound us down  like Death, family tragedy, natural disaster, etc. And trust me these events are out of our control and can cause tremendous struggle and heartache for a period of time.

Don't wanna get this work too length because I myself kinda get tired with reading lines that are lengthy more so if it bores me. I'm just gonna drop few more points and I'm out. Over the past few month I have worked through something that has, and still is, changing my life  and that is the power and the pain of weakness. And trust me, I came out with few findings which I wanna share below.

Do you know that life kinda challenges this old saying - As you make your Bed so you lie on it.  The saying in a simple interpretation connotes planning but Life sometimes don't just go as you've planned. What then do you do when faced with this kinda scenario? Life was never meant to be easy but a life worth living is a life full of taking risks,  stepping out into the unknown and trusting and hoping beyond our human understanding. It won’t always be a comfortable experience whether we plan effectively for it.

Life can be good and can also be bad according to your  perceived consideration but then you should also remember that good and bad things are complimentary to each other. If there are no bad things, you won't appreciate the good things. The absence of one makes you appreciate the other. Consider if you get all good things in your life- the things which always keep you happy- you'll sooner get bored. If there is no change in life, there also will be no excitement or motive to live. Therefore, in order to leave  a balanced life you need to taste both good and bad things, and also respect both.

I'm no victim in life and so are you and once you embrace this, life becomes your delicate morsel.

I'm Akahara Rejoice Chizoba
A UNN student of the department of Adult Education.
I'm also a baby writer as you can attest from my work.

     Thanks for Reading.

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