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           A friend of mine came to visit me in my house yesterday and was talking to me about the stress of live he is currently experiencing, the hardship in making a dream a reality and challenges encountering in making an imagination a reality. From his experience and his analysis I found out
that he lack something very tangible to make things a reality and making a progressive shift from an imagined features of life to a realized features of live and that his what I tag "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF"From his talks and complain I was able to deduce the fact that the guy was not able to make things into reality because he never believed he could make things a reality,he never believe he is capable of doing things,he never subscribe to self confidence and never believe the word *"I can" is used by people who believed in themselves.

  My brother my sister you are reading these right now for the purpose of being motivated. Do you know there is no limit to what you can achieve. Do you know the road leading to successfulness is so easy that has no pothole. Do you know that every temptations you encountering in the pursuit of your dream/goal is a sign signifying the approach of achievement of ones forecasted dream. A step towards achieving ones forecasted goals and making a significant change is "Believing in yourself" You just have to believe in yourself it the only sacrifice you got to made and everyone got to imbibe towards making a difference in our dear society.

      Everything we human being engage in on this earth is learnt consciously and unconsciously, there is no limit to what our brain can comprehend we just have to posse the spirit of dedication in every form of learning process we engage in be it academic, vocational and others, also dedication in every aspect of life advancement be it political power attainment as the case may be, though am not disputing the fact that there exist  inborn or genetically passed talents.

 Looking at things from world of football and taking into consideration the two most talented and skillful players of the world Lionel messi and christiano  Ronaldo. These two are popularly agreed on as the world best players across the globe despite the existence of many other players in the world of football because of their inborn talents to world of football is helped by lots of dedications interms of training all on the basis of believing in themselves that they can be the best among others.

  The limit to what you can acheive in this world is when you stop dreaming and believing in yourself, Do you want to be a leader. Do you want to be brilliantly different from your friends, Do you want to become an  explicit writer to the world of writer's, apart academics what is it you want to engage in and and you want to make it differently different from others that are doing it. Then believe in yourself, believe it can happen ,believe it already happening and believe it already achieved.

 One of my favourite "The difference between possibility and impossibility lies on ones determination" had help me over the years to believe i am capable of everything I wish to engage in and subscribe to.
   My dear friend irrespective of flops fuck ups and disappointment you are facing in the pursuit of one forecasted goal/interest you just have to believe in yourself that you are going and capable of making it to the top. Don't allow yourself to be console by people or reward you for not being able to reach your promising land due to disappointment or failure in making your dream a reality, all you got to do is to stand up having learnt from your disappointment and keep moving on with your dreams which can only be helped with self confidence and having the belief that you are capable "Even impossibility always says I m possible" just that we don't stick and believe in it.

  Heroes and heroine are celebrated because they have been able to make a difference base on commitments in all ramifications to people's welfarism base on the  fact that they believe in themselves as the only hope for common man.
    Everyone reading this you just have to believe in yourself and believe you are capable of making things into reality it the only hope we got to make a better society,nation and country.





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