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Xclusive interview with Mr Chimefrancis about Love in the dark Show

In anticipation of the upcoming show - OUT OF HAND (Love in the dark) Xclusivegists Blog interviewed the host of the show - Mr. ChimeFrancis.
This is the comprehensive interview :

 XCLUSIVE: So Mr. ChimeFrancis,  What is love in the dark all about?
MC Chimefrancis: Love in the dark is the theme that was picked for this year's edition of #CHIMEFRANCISLIVE on stage.
it is going to be an evening of COMEDY, DANCE,DRAMA, & SPOKEN WORD

XCLUSIVE: So much packages in the show,  what can you say about that

MC Chimefrancis: Yeah! Entertainment as we know evolves and we at deriving joy entertainment always want to keep improving; to that effect we decided to spice the event with not just comedy, we also incorporated other genres of entertainment.
To give more live to this year's edition.

XCLUSIVE: Nice, do you think all aspects of the show will be represented well as the time limit or the show is short?

MC Chimefrancis: Yes! Every aspect will be touched.
The event will begin at exactly 4pm. There will be no African Time.

XCLUSIVE: Alright, Have all personalities for the event confirmed their presence?
MC Chimefrancis: Yes, They have all confirmed they will be in attendance to perform.

XCLUSIVE: Nice, How is the ticket sales and bookings going?

MC Chimefrancis: The tickets for the event has been on sale for a week now.
It is being sold for Regular 200, VIP single 1000, and VIP couple 1500.

XCLUSIVE: So you're going to give the audience a good run of their money?

 MC Chimefrancis: Definitely, the audience are the reason why I do what I do what I do. At the end of the day they would know they even paid less for more
XCLUSIVE: Of course,  please give a quick recap of the show plus date, time and venue.

MC Chimefrancis: OK like I said earlier, #CHIMEFRANCISLIVE2 Is an evening of COMEDY, DRAMA,DANCE, And SPOKEN WORD.

It is going down at FASA Hall On The 6th of May, 2017 by 4pm prompt.

Brought to you from the producers of cupid stories & ROOM SERIES; Deriving Joy Entertainment.

MC Chimefrancis: And your host is chimefrancis

 XCLUSIVE: Are you going to premier any of your skits?.

 MC Chimefrancis: We have plans to entertain the audience with some of the room series skit which many might not have watched online. Plans still in progress

XCLUSIVE: Finally, What do you have to say to the audience that has much anticipation for the show?

MC Chimefrancis: Just don't come alone, invite someone
And you would never regret doing so

XCLUSIVE : Thank you so much for your time.
MC Chimefrancis: Thank you too.

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