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WizKid & Drake Team Up for Another Danceable Track, 'Come Closer'

If you're ever in need of a new track that makes you want to dance, call upWizKid and tell him to recruit Drake.
The team behind the record-breaking hit "One Dance" whipped up another catchy earworm -- this time with
WizKid taking the lead role -- and delivered it to fans on Friday (March 31), as WizKid had promised on Instagram just days before. Titled "Come Closer," the track has a similar feel to Drake's dance floor anthem, but with a love interest as the focus rather than getting your groove on.
"Girl you got that thing, I know / You got the body, I know / You make me sing," WizKid sings on the hook before using the chorus to deliver the title phrase. And when Drake jumps on the track, he croons lines to his "chargie" like "I'm here for you, just tell me what you like / I wanna put you in my life." 
Take a listen (and a dance) to "Come Closer" below.