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Why Bloggers quit blogging...

These are the few reasons best known to experienced bloggers that cause newbie bloggers to quit blogging after they have kicked off already.  Sad as it may be but it's true. 

most newbie bloggers Start off blogging with the notion of getting rich so quick as the famous ones in the field do. Probably they read somewhere that bloggers make millions of money monthly so they decided to join with that get rich quick notion expecting to make it as they heard. They get
disappointed after joining and not finding it easy making such money,  plainly nothing is easy in life (career) no matter what even the so called fraudsters find it difficult at times. It's all about hardwork and persistence in any field of life. So if you find yourself blogging due to money factor just quit because you'll probably give up when you don't find the mountain smooth.
    Most articles from successful bloggers show that they didn't venture into it because they needed money, they had different unique reasons.


Over 152 million blogs since 2013 and minimum of 3million posts daily in the world, what makes your blog stand out in your niche? , what makes yours unique?
These questions makes a blogger feel like he or she is going nowhere.
It reduces the zeal some has for blogging because it seems like wasted effort.

Most bloggers complain on the issue of driving huge traffic to their blogs, it's quite difficult and tasking at times. It requires hardwork in sharing every post you make to different groups and pages on world's number one social media platform(facebook), twitter and different platforms.  It'll probably take time to build but when you get them engaged like they are here on xclusivegists and different top blogs then you'll be satisfied. When a blogger stops posting he/she notices a decline in number of visitors to his/her blog, this is because you need to be consistent, let them know they can get all the information they need on your blog site.
Even when bloggers monetize their blog through google Adsense, they still need lots of traffic to make money from it without which the money will only count in cents.
      Blogging is not easy,  it's so tasking that bloggers complain they can't keep up with the stress probably because nothing much comes out of it. All that glitters are not gold.

From Nduaguba Christian


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