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Twitter blocks UK police and MI5 from accessing data used to identify terrorists

Online news and social networking service, Twitter has blocked the United Kingdom's Police and domestic counter-intelligence agency, MI5 from accessing data which helps them to identify terrorists, monitor propaganda pushed online by terror groups such as ISIS and to also search for terms related to potential terror attacks.
To prevent its users’ data being used for what it describes as government surveillance, twitter cancelled the deal they had with the security agencies.

Twitter's decision has alarmed counter-terror bosses and sparked outrage among ministers in the United Kingdom, who fear it will make the country less safe.

Now, while Twitter are refusing to share the data with police and MI5 too, they will continue to sell data access to corporate firms. These firms use keyword search-style access to its 300 million users’ tweets and public profiles and also monitors sentiment about their products.


  1. hmm y?
    -D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds
  2. if M15 and UK police have proper software developers, that isn't an issue, many algorithms/machine learning stuffs are available to use to get those terrorists.
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