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Michael Jackson's last son Prince Michael reportedly left to fend for himself

Michael Jackson's 15 year-old son Prince Michael, formerly known as Blanket, has reportedly been left to fend for himself in a mansion in Calabasas...

From Page Six
These days young Blanket Jackson is known as Bigi to his family, but those close to Michael Jackson’s youngest son say he might as well be called the invisible boy.
“If you want to find Bigi, all you have to do is look around the house, find an empty room or an unoccupied corner and there you will find him, off on his own,” said a source, who has worked with the Jackson family for nearly three decades.
“This poor kid, he fends for himself . . . There’s no one to make sure he’s even eating right,” the source said. “If you call a bowl of cereal or a Snickers bar a meal, then I guess he’s OK.”
Katherine Jackson, Blanket’s grandmother and legal co-guardian, hasn’t seen the teenager in more than three months, the source said, and there’s been no phone contact.
The source claims Blanket's court appointed guardian TJ Jackson lives 40 minutes away and takes turns checking on the teen with his wife.

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