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Life Or Death?

       On The Growing Issue of Suicide, there has been a disturbing rise of Suicide in Nigeria. Reports had it that a student was rescued in UNEC while trying to commit suicide. It is believed that the cause of this event was as a result of released result which recorded mass failure. Hmnm I don't know why my fellow students should try to commit suicide just because you failed one professional course, is that the
reason why one should attempt to take his or her  precious life?
         In another similar development, a woman was reported to having  attempted taking her life by trying to jump into a Lagoon at Maza-Maza Mile II area of Lagos state. She was lucky to be rescued.
        Do you know that I have attempted suicide twice, then  when I was in primary six & my second year and still I survived it. Can you beat that? Lol😄.ya fact. (Thou its a secret ).

     Who told you that you must be a doctor, pilot or even a politician before you can make It in life. Certificate is not a yardstick to assess Success, school certificate is just a package to someone's Life. It's really unfortunate & depressing but think about it, suicide is not and can never be a way out. No matter the situation, it's never enough reason to take away your life, it can never be the best answer to your predicament.
       I am using this medium to call on both private & Government sector to do something about this public health stigma. We need to start a suicide prevention scheme, there is a need to raise awareness in schools, communities, states, local government etc  There is, therefore, need for every one to rise up & say no to suicide.  
       we can conquer our fears, Yes, We can win the the battles confronting our present state of mind.
“Let Join hands together & say no to suicide mission.”
 I remain N.Stanley a.k.a 
(Mc No Wahala)

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