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"Dare to take the first step then you discover that subsequent steps are not as difficult as you may have thought"

That's just the whole truth!
Having seen a lot of problems young writers have, I decided to help in my own way: by giving special tips on how to become a perfect writer, I would love
to impact positively in a person's life through my writings, although am not a 'writing genius', but with the little I know, I think I can change a person's life for good, I carefully composed this write-up, I avoided too much ambiguous words: that is, 'too much oyinbo no plenty for the write-up'!

First thing first,
You have to identity your talent first, this is one big problem we face, most teenagers don't have the talent or ability to write at all, they struggle to be like other people whose gift are different from their's, don't copy your friends, because your friend is doing a particular thing doesn't mean you should, everyone has the ability of doing something better than the next 10,000 people, we are all heterogeneously gifted, irrespective of our population, many have neglected the gifts in them.

My question now is that, do you have the ability to write?

If yes,
Then I congratulate you, you are surely on the pathway to greatness!

But, if no
Don't be sad, we all have talent like I said earlier, identify and develop it, before it's too late, once you do this you will surely succeed also.

Before I continue I would like to add this:  "he who merely wishes ceaselessly operates in the world of fantasy".

The most powerful of all forces on earth are 'thought', the universe grew out of thought, all men's accomplishments, were first in thought, and then objectified; a writer will first build up his work in thought and having perfected it in all it's part as a complete and 'harmonious' whole he then converts it to writings, for it to make sense!


"Creativity emerges when imagination transcends the realm of limitation"

If you have the talent, and your thoughts are in place, if you don't include creativity, you will not grow, creativity is what differentiates two talented people: as a writer if you are creative your work will be seen and noticed, let me tell you a short story about 'Henry Ford', he did not have much formal education, but he was intelligent enough to know that "v8" engines would be of great value to the world, but he did not know how to build it, all his educated and qualified engineers said it wasn't possible, but Henry Ford was creative enough to build "v8" engine, it started from his thoughts, with the help of his creativity he built one.

"'Teachablility is not so much about competence and mental capacity, as it is about attitude, it's the hunger to discover and grow, it is wiliness to learn, unlearn, and relearn".

I really love this one, because it affects most writers that think they are extremely good, they don't want corrections to their work, because they feel like they have perfected it, and that "they are better than anyone", most talented people have difficulties when it comes to staying 'teachable', sometimes they act like they know it all, that makes it hard for them to keep developing!

Focus on this little chart,

Socrates taught Plato,
Plato taught Aristotle,
Aristotle poured himself into Alexander the great!

This leaders left legacies of knowledge for those coming behind them, isn't that great?

Try to learn from people better than you, and reduce your ego, or else, it will surely bring you down!

For the last part,

"A person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, and eventually becomes nothing!"

Don't be afraid at all, professional makes things look easy, because they have mastered the fundamentals of whatever they do via sacrifice, self - discipline and hard work,

No one is born a professional, people actually make themselves professional!

The journey to being one's best is not easy, it is full of setbacks, hills and plains, rains and shines, pains and frustrations and so on, those who have the ability to withstand, outcome and bounce back with even greater resolve will eventually emerge as winners, champions and professionals.

Let me say in rounding off that the harder a person works, the better he feels and the better he feels, the harder he work


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