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Feud: Rihanna sides with Remy Ma against Nicki Minaj

After Rihanna took the unusual step of unfollowing Nicki Minaj on Instagram, is she ready to side with Remy Ma in their epic rap battle? has EXCLUSIVE details on if she’s going to step into the ladies’ war on Remy’s behalf.

Nicki Minaj, 34, and Remy Ma, 36, can go at it all they want in their epic feud, but don’t
expectRihanna to be publicly siding with either rapper even though she thinks the world of the “Super Bass” singer. “The last thing Rihanna wants or needs in her life is a feud with anyone, especially Nicki. She loves Nicki and thinks she’s fierce bi**h just like her who doesn’t take sh** from anyone,” a source EXCLUSIVELY.  The 29-year-old is wise not to step into a battle that isn’t her’s to fight, even though she made the curious step of unfollowing Nicki on InstagtramMar. 20.
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“If Ri were being attacked by a mountain lion, she’d call Nicki for help because she knows Nicki won’t back down from anything. Ri’s got love and respect for that diva. Always has. Always will,” our insider adds. Aww, now that’s sisterhood. Things had been a little tense between the two when RiRi was dating Drake, as he has always had lingering feelings for the “Anaconda” singer. That isn’t a problem anymore as Drizzy and Rihanna called it quits on their exclusive relationship in Oct. 2016.

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Drake, 30, showed whose side he was on by appearing on “No Frauds,” Nicki’s clap back track to Remy that also featured Lil Wayne, 34. He has so much admiration for her that he had no problem busting out into the ladies’ fierce rap war. It’s one thing for Nicki to bring in her male posse to help fight back, but Rihanna totally doesn’t have a place in the battle and wisely remained far away from all that drama.