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California clothing store sues Ivanka Trump’s company

A California-based fashion retail company, Modern Appealing Clothing, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Ivanka Trump's brand accusing it of having a trump card that gives it an unfair advantage among other competitors. The lawsuit states that Ivanka Trump being the First Daughter of the United States of America gives her a lot of advantage. Adding that Ivanka's company, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC, is profiting off her political connections, citing President Trump and her husband Jared Kushner (Senior Advisor to the President), according to SFGate.

The San Francisco-based fashion boutique claims that there have been recent sales boost to Ivanka Trump's brand after the President slammed Nordstrom on Twitter for dropping his daughter's brand.

They also stated that her sales also increased after Kellyanne Conway, who serves as a counselor to the President, told people to "go buy Ivanka stuff" during a Fox News interview.

Even though some retail giants like Neiman Marcus, Sears, Kmart and Nordstrom dropped Ivanka's brand due to pressure from some members of the public, Ivanka's company sales has had a 346% spike between January and February when compared with the same time period last year.

The class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of women's clothing retailers throughout California seeks unspecified damages as well as a restraining order against her brand from selling clothes in California