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Bugatti launches luxury yacht which is very much exquisite as its car

French carmaker, Bugatti is set to up the stakes in the luxury department with an opulent yacht. The 66-ft Bugatti Niniette 66 as it called, is based on the design of its £2.1m Chiron supercar.

The carbon fibre luxury toy is designed for two passengers and boasts everything from its own Jacuzzi and champagne bar, to a fire pit and lavish double bed.

Only 66 of the limited edition vessel will be made and the first ones will be delivered in March 2018. Etienne Salomé, Design Director at Bugatti said:
 'The Niniette is a genuine member of the Bugatti family. Even from a large distance when entering a port, the Niniette will always be recognized as a true Bugatti.' There's no word on the price yet but don't expect it to come cheap.
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