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Meet Alio Kenechukwu (Male winner of IVK Valentine's couples contest)

Alio Kenechukwu ThankGod won the IVK Valentine's couples contest (male category) which was hosted by Ivaldrol klothings (Top Designer in UNN). This contest was sponsored by lots of enterprising UNN students and organisations including xclusivegists blog.

In an Interview with the creative young man, we got to know a lot about him and what he loves doing:

Name: Alio Kenechukwu
Faculty:  physical sciences
department:  physics and astronomy.
 Likes: Rap, music, and optimism
Dislike: pride, arrogance, and other alikes.
Belief: “I believe I would become great in the nearest future. Either by education or talent.”
 Favorite quote: "every star waits for the darkness to shine. But I'll outshine the light.”
Religion: Christianity
Instagram username:

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