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Greedy Nigerians scammed by 2-3days ponzi sites

        Recently due to the influx of ponzi schemes in Nigeria, many are interested in making quick money, therefore fall into the traps and snares of mischievous programmers.
People now design the so-called ponzi sites that tend to last for 2-3days. These sites tend to be established with free domain names like- .me, .tk and also cheap .org.

         Recently there has been sites that has lasted for atmost 3days and right now it has shown no longer available. Most of these sites are currently having minor issues, they are here to last for 3days, make their money and crash the site. Now those sites are now history and all that is left is consolation for the victims.
People are now losing hope in these ponzi schemes which can be termed fraudsters, they are mere opportunists that only make their money and won't care about whether others lose theirs.
With time I think people will lose hope in these but for now they'll continue to invest till they are fed up.

Be wise!! 

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