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Ultimate cycler has not crashed (ponzi scheme)

Unlike what popular sites like Vanguard Nigeria, Naij and others posted online to scare people away from investing in online schemes, The owner of Ultimate cycler - Peter Wolfing has
assured Nigerians that Ultimate cycler remains firm and has not crashed as said in those rumors. These are what he said;
The Ultimate Cycler Global Commitment

At Ultimate Cycler we are introducing our global commitment over the next few days to provide each country we serve even greater value.
As you know we are now having more than 100,000 to 200,000 thousand new members daily and have a large percentage of the new subscribers from Nigeria.
Therefore we are doing the following ASAP over the next few days to ensure our global commitment will impact each and every Ultimate Cycler subscriber no matter where you live in the world.
1.  We are adding an additional income source
2.  Providing a new design and layout
3.  During Q1 registering Ultimate Cycler in Nigeria with an Office and legal presence.
4.  Will offer life time admin fee to avoid different charges throughout the year.
5.  An amazing Christmas income opportunity the everyone can participate in.

Please be sure to check your inbox for more details as we get closer and my next update.

Thank you,
Peter Wolfing.
So please be rest assured and don't read from untrusted sites.

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