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Ponzi: Make your money through Moneyventure group

MONEYVENTURE  is a community were we help one another and get 50% increase with 48hrs
We are currently on Whatsapp and presently working on our website and mobile app.
MMM is cool but why wait for one month to get 30%
increase when you can get 50% increase on Whatsapp in just 48hrs?
All you need to do is join through the link and provide details in this format
NAME / PHONE NUMBER / MB or IB/ BANK NAME. Please note that MB stands for Mobile Banking and IB for Internet Banking.
Please note that it's important you operate on any of the above banking platform to enable swift and smooth flow of providing help and also receiving.
Presently we only provide help of NGN20,000 subsequent times it could be increased. Give Help of NGN20,000 and get NGN30,000 within 48hrs  MONEYVENTURE "Invest with values"
If u want to ph just simply use this format.
 Name/phone number/ Bank/ PH

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