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How to make your christmas enjoyable

Wherever you are in the world, you can always enjoy your wonderful christsmas holiday by doing the following:
  • REMEMBERING THE REASON FOR THE CELEBRATION: we should not always look at the materialistic benefit of this wonderful celebration rather we should remember the spiritual aspect which is the ultimate reason while we celebrate Christmas(The remembrance of birth of Jesus Christ). when we have this consciousness about this great jubilation it will be easier for us to focus and know if we are getting things right.
  • DECORATE YOUR HOUSE OR APARTMENT FOR CHRISTMAS: make sure you decorate your house in the spirit of the season with Christmas trees, lights, mistletoe and homemade wreath. This reminds of the consciousness.
  • LINK UP TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES: Christmas is all about enjoying each others company and sharing love. it is a way of connecting to people and showing great care and affection to the needy.  
  • ENJOY CHRISTMAS CAROLS: you can always get to enjoy Christmas by listening to christmas songs at home, going for Christmas carols e.t.c.
  • PRACTICE GENEROSITY: you can do this by giving out to people in form of alms, gifts, packages e.t.c. Also you can assist someone that needs help in a job without collecting money from him/her.

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