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Nigerian caught in mass shooting in Ohio,US, multiple casualties reported

At least one person is reported dead and 15 wounded in a shooting at a bar in Hamilton, Ohio, on Sunday, according to local media. Police were dispatched to the bar at around 2am local time. The person killed was pronounced dead at the scene. His name has not been released, as police are in the process of contacting his family members. Other victims have been taken to local hospitals.
A witness who spoke to WHOTV, Tolu Adeseha said he was inside the bar when he heard at least 15 shots go on for what felt like hours.
"It reminded me of things in the news, about people shooting and active shooters," he said. "This [was] a reality for me, what do you do in an active situation."
When he heard the shots, Adeseha said he ducked down and was concerned about the people around him.

"You [had] people trying to play dead and things like that," he said. "This is an active shooter and I was trying to tell a girl [next to me}, you can’t cry, I know it’s traumatic for you, but you got to stay silent or play dead."
Adeseha said he saw multiple people inside the bar with guns when the shots rang out, but did not see anyone fire weapons.
"It could have been me," he said.
Adeseha said he also saw at least two victims, but was unsure on how many people sustained gunshot wounds.

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