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Orlando gunman's current wife drove him to Pulse Nightclub to "scope it out" and tried to talk him out of the attack

Noor Zahi Salman, the second and current wife of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen, might face criminal charges for failing to disclose vital information about her husband's plans for the Pulse nightclub shooting that left at least 50 dead and 53 others injured.
According to NBC, Noor told federal agents she was with Mateen when he bought ammunition and a holster, and once drove him to Pulse nightclub "because he wanted to scope it out." She also claimed that she tried to talk her husband out of carrying out the attack.

Mateen opened fire at Pulse early Sundaymorning, leaving 50 dead and 53 injured. Twenty-seven victims remained hospitalized on Tuesday. Six were in critical condition, according to hospital officials who said the death toll was still at risk of rising because one or two of the patients were "profoundly ill"

Authorities are considering filing criminal charges against Noor for failing to tell them what she knew before the attack, law enforcement officials say, but no decision has been made. She is cooperating with investigators.

Mateen, 29, was born in New York to Afghan immigrants. He was married twice, and was the father of a 3-year-old boy.

Source: NBC

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