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Gumsu Abacha pays tribute to her dad Sani Abacha

Gumsu, one of the daughters of the former Military Head of State, took to her IG page to pay tribute to her father who died exactly 18 years ago today June 8th. She shared the photo above and wrote;

"18 years since you left us. May aljannah firdaus be your final abode. .Amin. ..I miss you everyday with time i see so much of you in me.. never believed when ppl say we look alike😊...I am proud to be your daughter. I will do everything in my power to uphold our were loving and caring. You always wanted the best for us..and for nigeria.#gallant #infantry #418.❤❤❤❤ "power and authority belongs to Allah and only him can decide the future with certainty but absolutely I don't have any intention to perpetuate my self in power" General Sani Abacha".

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