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Amber Rose says her marriage to Wiz Khalifa would have lasted if they had gotten married later

During a radio chat on the B Real with Bethenny, Amber revealed her marriage to Wiz Khalifa didn't work out because they rushed in too early. The 32-year-old explained the pair got married too young - and that things could have worked out differently if they'd wed when they were more mature.
'I feel like we just rushed into marriage because we were so deeply in love, and we kind of had a rough patch in our marriage, and because we were married, it kind of brought it to the next level. I feel like if we just stayed in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship longer, we could have worked it out and then got married later.' she said
The couple dated for two years before getting married.
As for their current situation, host, Bethenny floated the idea that Amber and Wiz could still get back together. And Amber hinted that may be in the cards later on.

'Well, you know, I just feel like right now he should go be a ho for a while and work on his businesses, and maybe later we can get back,' she said. 'If God wants us together, we will be together.'
In the meantime, Amber and Wiz are getting along great as they co-parent their three-year-old son Sebastian - and even hit strip clubs together, the model said.

'It's so crazy that we are literally the best of friends,' she said. 'We hang out all the time. We have full family days with the baby. We just went out to a strip club the other night together - without the baby. Just me and Wiz,' she said. 'We just had a great f**king time. We spent like [$30,000] on strippers. It was sick. It was so cool.'

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