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Gawker Founder Claps Back At Peter Thiel's Secret War Against The Company — Says He's A 'Thin-Skinned Billionaire'

nick denton open letter
On Thursday, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton took to his site to SLAM his newly revealed nemesis, who is the tech billionaire Peter Thiel, for bankrolling lawsuits against the digital news operation. Oh snap!
As you may know, this beef all started when Thiel gave an interview to the New York Times and accused the media site of outing him as gay and causing pain to several of his dear friends. Obviously, Denton was not thrilled about this — especially since this bit of legal drama comes not long after Hulk Hogan's major victory over Gawker.
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In his open letter, Denton wrote:
"Among the million posts published by Gawker and other properties since the company was founded, there have undoubtedly been occasions we overstepped the line. In offsetting the fawning coverage of tech luminaries and others, sometimes our stories swing too far for my taste toward snark…But this vindictive decade-long campaign is quite out of proportion to the hurt you claim."
Yikes! The media mogul went on to call out the PayPal founder for not only going after the company but for taking on individual journalists who cannot afford to fight a billionaire. He continued:
"Peter, this is twisted. Even were you to succeed in bankrupting Gawker Media, the writers you dislike, and me, just think what it will mean."
To make matters worse, it seems that Mr. Hogan's lawyer from his privacy suit against the company, named Charles Harder, is also involved with two other suits against Gawker thanks to Thiel. In fact, it was revealed that Thiel was the one who financially backed Hogan's lawsuit. Whoa.
Denton noted:
"Now you show yourself as a thin-skinned billionaire who, despite all the success and public recognition that a person could dream of, seethes over criticism and plots behind the scenes to tie up his opponents in litigation he can afford better than they."
Dang! Tell us how you REALLY feel, man.
Be sure to read the scathing note for yourself HERE.

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