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Prince George poses for his very first postage stamp

Prince George posed for his very first postage stamp with his Dad-Prince William, his granddad – Prince Charles and his great-grand mum- The Queen of England-Queen Elizabeth whose face has appeared on more stamps than anyone in history. 

 Ahead of the Queen's 90th birthday today, the Royal Mail has released this historic image. It is the scene on a new sheet of four commemorative First Class stamps.

Royal Mail has also produced further six new stamps to mark the birthday: Three black and white 'family' scenes depicting the Queen with her father, husband and children and three, in colour, which reflects her official roles.

However, one can't go to the Post Office and say: 'I want a dozen Prince Georges, please.' 
You have to buy the full sheet of four for £2.56 (the regular price for four First Class stamps) and then press out each face one by one and lick the back. 
If you want a dozen Georges, you must buy a dozen sheets.
Because of the design, there was no possibility of photographing Prince George on someone's lap. 
He had to stand alone. So Mr Mackechnie, the photographer brought along a batch of high-density foam blocks for him to climb on.
He looked very cheerful as he held on to his Dad's hand.
Source: Daily Mail

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