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Kanye West is being sued by a fan claiming he tricked him into subscribing to TIDAL

The things they sue for in America. Lol. According to reports, a fan is suing Kanye West, claiming he was tricked into subscribing to Tidal by the rapper.

A class action lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco by a man named Justin Baker-Rhett claiming Kanye fraudulently promised to release his new album, The Life of Pablo, exclusively on Tidal, making him subscribe to Tidal, only for Yeezy to turn around and release it on other streaming services for free.

Justin claims he and millions of others were tricked into subscribing to TIDAL for a minimum of $9.99 a month, giving the struggling streaming service a huge influx of new users and valuable user information.

Justin Baker-Rhett is seeking unspecified damages.

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