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 A Conversation With My Daughter About Family, Career, and Gender Equality

Now that my oldest daughter Jenn is off at college, every moment I get to spend with her is precious. So this was the perfect excuse to sit down together for a conversation about topics that don’t always come up in our day-to-day calls or texts.
Even though I’ve always made a point to talk to all three of my kids about my work at the Gates Foundation and my commitment to advocating for women and girls, this conversation felt special. Jenn asked great questions, touching on everything from my experience balancing work and being a mom to whether I’d ever treated my son Rory differently than my daughters. And when I turned the questions on her, her perspective on the progress toward gender equality in her own generation gave me a lot to think about—and also a lot to feel optimistic about. I hope she comes back with more questions soon!
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