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The Knife Found Buried At O.J. Simpson's Former Home Was Capable Of Inflicting 'Mortal Wounds,' According To Medical Examiner

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This is scary!!
On Friday, we learned that a knife was found buried on a property formerly owned by O.J. Simpson back in 2002, and it was eventually given to a retired LAPD copwho did… nothing with it.
The cop claimed the case was already closed when he tried to turn it in, it's all now coming out, drama ensues about the football star's guilt, so on and so forth.
Well, now we are learning that the knife in question was absolutely capable of inflicting 'mortal wounds,' according to the medical examiner who was tasked with investigating the wounds on victims Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson!
According to Dr. Irwin Golden, as reported by TMZ, a knife with at least a 4" blade would have been needed to do the deed — and the knife in question has a 5" blade.
Plus, considering how deep and violent the wounds are, the knife in question would have needed to be heavy and sturdy — and a knife expert told TMZ that the one in question was made with heavy-duty American-made steel at that time.
Obviously, it doesn't prove guilt — and besides, having already been acquitted of the crime, O.J. can't be tried for it again anyways — but it is interesting… and scary.
And, yes, the knife s being tested now for fingerprints, hair, and DNA.
What do U think about this whole new wrinkle in the infamous murder case?!
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