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Saga; Glamour model, Chloe Saxon says Adam Johnson denied having a child just because he wanted to bed her

Chloe Saxon has revealed that the former Sunderland and England star Adam Johnson denied having a daughter or girlfriend just so he could have sex with her. According to her, this happened weeks before the beginning of his court trial, as he even said his child belonged to his sister.

Speaking to The Sun, Chloe said she regretted meeting the footballer  as he is a sex addict:
 “His behaviour was seedy and perverted .He made no mention of having a family and actually lied to cover them up. He pretended they didn’t exist, which is sick.”
Johnson and Chloe had been in a three-month relationship in 2011 before she dumped him over rumours he was seeing Katie Price. But last December he invited her to Sunderland FC’s London Christmas party at posh venue Drama in Park Lane, just a few weeks before he was due on trial for sex offences against a girl of 15.
 She said:
“I thought it would be fun to have a night out. But I made it absolutely clear to him that I wanted my own hotel room. There was absolutely no way I was going to sleep with him.
“He kept asking me what I was going to wear. He’s obsessed with my tattoos, which are on my back and thigh, and was complaining that they wouldn’t be on show.
“All night Adam was telling the other guys to stay away from me. He was all over me, like he was claiming me as his own. He would even follow me to the toilet.
“He was drinking loads, downing tequila from the bottle. I was the only woman there. It seemed like he’d brought me to show me off to his friends.”
At about 1am, Chloe and Johnson went back to her hotel room.
Chloe said:
“He was really drunk but I’d only had a couple of glasses of champagne. I just wanted some sleep.Then he got into my bed. I said, ‘No, no, no, you need to go to your own room, right now’.
“I walked round to the side of the bed to make my point and he put his hand up my dress and grabbed my thigh. I was shocked but managed to pull away.He said, ‘I just want to see your tattoos’, but I was very firm and told him to get out. He tried to claim he couldn’t walk, so I escorted him out and down the corridor.
“When we reached his door, he grabbed my head and pulled it toward his to try and kiss me. Our lips touched but I pushed him away and said, ‘No Adam’, then walked quickly back to my room and shut the door.
“He texted me several times begging me to come back to his room, and telling me I had to stay another night, but I just ignored him.”

The next morning Chloe bumped into Johnson and his team-mates in the lobby.
“He was making loads of comments about my boobs, telling me to tell everyone what size they were.I also overheard him make a crude remark to one of his friends behind my back, along the lines of, Look at the t*ts on that’.I felt very uncomfortable. I got away from there as quickly as I could and got the next train back to Sheffield.
“He was relentless. It was really bad. If I was younger or didn’t know how to look after myself it would have been very frightening. I was in London for less than 24 hours, and in that time he repeatedly tried to come on to me and made inappropriate comments.
Later when the court case hit the headlines that was when she realized , the baby was Adam Johnson's.I couldn’t believe my eyes. I immediately noticed how much that baby looked like him. It was definitely his.
“It’s disgraceful. He acted like he was single. If I had known he had a girlfriend, let alone a baby, I would never have gone to the party with him.I feel terrible for his girlfriend. He should have been at home with her and his daughter, trying to do right by them, rather than partying and chatting up other women.He doesn’t care, he’s got no conscience. He thinks he’s invincible.He just wanted to drink and shag. It makes me feel used. I wish I’d never met him.
“He was incredibly arrogant, especially considering what he had done to this poor girl. He knew what he’d done, and what was going to happen.If I were him I’d be hiding, not going out in London. It’s like he didn’t think his actions would have any consequences. What he was doing to that young girl was terrible. She must have been terrified. And when you look at her texts to him, you can see she is a kid.
“He wanted to have complete control over her.There isn’t a platonic bone in his body. He is sex obsessed. When we were dating he always wanted to have sex, constantly talked about it, texted me about it.
“He’s a scumbag. I feel like I was fooled by him. He should be sent to prison for a long time. They need to make an example of him.
“He had the world at his feet ,successful career, gorgeous girlfriend, baby daughter , but now he deserves to lose everything.”

Adam Johnson is set to be sent to jail for sex crimes against an underage.

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