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Reese Witherspoon Slammed With $5 Million Lawsuit For Allegedly Plagiarizing Her Draper James Logo!

Reese is facing a hefty lawsuit!
Uh oh. Reese Witherspoon has just been hit with a $5 million lawsuit!
Jordann Weingartner, a Florida-based jewelry designer, is accusing the Cruel Intentions starlet of ripping off one of her designs for the actress' lifestyle site,Draper James.
In case you didn't know, Reese launched the site back in May as a place to sell her own line of Southern-inspired clothing and accessories.
Well, according to Page Six, Jordann believes the A-lister infringed on her copyright and trademark by stealing the design from her own "Magnolia collection" for use on her DJ products. She said:
"She literally stole my magnolia. I drew the design for my Magnolia Collection back in 2008. The flower isn't a traditional magnolia flower, it is my artistic take on a magnolia. My design actually looks nothing like a magnolia, and Draper James not only took the design, but also decided to call it a magnolia."
Though the magnolia-inspired piece on Reese's site is described as "A versatile tote that can take you from the bookstore to the farmers' market, the Vanderbilt is the carryall you'll reach for daily. This style features a contrasting pinstriped lining and our signature magnolia-shaped hardware."
That's kind of awkward… if it is proved that Draper James did steal the idea from Jordann.
The jeweler also dished that Reese was previously sent one of their necklaces for publicity, and alleges that the Oscar-winner's lawyers said after seeing a draft of the lawsuit, "Out of precedent, she doesn't settle."
Jordann plans to continue with the lawsuit.
See the side-by-side of the two magnolias below, and let us know what U think!
Reese is facing a hefty lawsuit!
The Draper James magnolia is featured on the left, and Jordann Weingarter's on the right.

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